Company data and imprint

Thomas Sokol

Agentur iddesso
Fasangasse 1-5/Haus 7
A-2201 Seyring

T +43 676 673 19 04

Tax number: 03224/9062
VAT number: ATU 74041903
Place of jurisdiction: Landesgericht Korneuburg

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen


About us

We want to make a meaningful contribution to the happiness of children. We think, that children should enjoy playing and exploring in order to grow in their creativity, thinking and physically.

We are convinced that fun at work and connecting people is valuable and by doing this something new and powerful can emerge.

Good and sustainable design is very important to us and we therefore promote designer and creative people and companies with all our hearts.

Our colours

The color of the Institute Pantone Greenery, which was chosen as Color of the Year 2017, was chosen as the base color. Greenery symbolizes a new beginning and is a symbol of passion and vitality. Due to its association with daring, vigor and a sense of the zeitgeist, it creates a connection between technology and innovation. Greenery conveys progressive thinking and action, a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. (Data source: Pantone Color Institute)

The color of the Institute Pantone Ultra Violet, which was chosen as the color of the year 2018, was chosen as the second color. In today’s world, ingenuity and imagination are essential. Ultra Violet stimulates creative inspiration, illuminates the way into the future, expresses originality, ingenuity and forward-looking visionary thinking. It symbolizes the joy of experimentation and unconventionality. (Data source: Pantone Color Institute)